Fingertips on skin

Like faulty wires

Electric sparks

But beware for flammable items

For they can clearly catch alight

But sometimes they dont look flammable

And we mistake objectifying for dirty talk

Mistaking possessiveness for lust

And controlling for in love

Like a pool of gasoline

The wire is engulfed in flames

Not possible to escape with out burns

Burns on your heart

So the next connection you make

You may be the one to break

But I hope you atleast learnt to keep yourself safe

And keep the flammables away


A poem about toxic relationships, how the magic that love, caring, and sex has is wonderful but with bad people (flammable people) it becomes overwhelming and toxic.


There are too many memories

I cannot remember

And I don’t understand how I can ever understand myself

If even I don’t know my own life

I’m supposed to put together this jigsaw

But I’m missing all of these pieces

How do you expect me to know my own mind?

I know where the gaps are

I just don’t know how to fill them



Drowning in the sea

As I see how far you have gotten

I watch you sail into the sunset

You may come across another storm

But for now you are safe and warm

You may have a few scratches and leaks

But my god do you look beautiful

As you rock side to side

Stably over the waves



Drowning in the sea is a metaphor for crying so much as I see a dear friend be in a better condition and place in their life. The strength they must have had amazes me, and moves me. Heres to you, and everyone else that overcomes their life difficulties. There will always be another storm, but you did well sailing through this one 🙂 xx


Everyone is smiling, feeling great

There is hair filling up the small amounts of space

Bodies crashing into other bodies

Sweat transferring like fingerprints and falling like rain

And our voices, screams, shake the walls

This is what it feels like to live

and not just be alive.

But our bodies will feel heavy, but we will remember how they were light

Our ears will ring, but we will remember the music

Our heads will hurt, and we might not remember

all the faces

all the places

or everything we did

But we were there.

And we were living.


My friend, Erin, told me to write about our night out, so I did. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone in terms of writing, as it tends to be quite dark or twisted, but I enjoy this poem and the memories it brings

One day

I’m no saint,

but for you I will fight,

because I wish to be the light

that guides you through the dark

Because my only wish is that you find your way

one day

Out of here , out of your mind, out of your fears

One day

One day I want you to feel free

As free as I do when I’m just being me

One day I want you to fly

Just like I can when I close my eyes

One day, it will happen

and that day, I’ll smile


Showing this idea of putting other people before yourself, especially when you have gone through the same thing already. And it makes you feel better when you know you have helped someone, I feel although I myself have accomplished something just because I helped them.

How to live

Smile, let the good moments sweep you away

If you want to cry, cry, but not for the whole day

Laugh like crazy, send the message to your brain

That right now… everything is okay

Because even if it isn’t it will be, I promise

Even if it feels like forever, it wont be, I promise

I promise to always try to make you giggle

And take your fears away

Because life is too short to waste it

Even just for one day