Blood running down my face

My body in shock

My lip sliced into two

I now have three

But I do not feel the pain

I do not see the depths

Untill I do

A wave of agony, tears and mascara

But with a bit of glue

And taping it back into two

It will soon heal

And be just as good as new


My bottom lip got cut into two while dancing, not the best poem but just trying to tell the story


Why have I still not eaten breakfast at a time where some people would be having lunch?

Why do I eat all day when Im stressed or away?

Why do I love eating but also love hunger?


Thank you

I just wanted to say how happy I am that I started this poetry blog, it has changed me not only as a writer but as a person. The positive feedback I have received has boosted me up on my worst of days and given me strength to keep on writing and to improve as much as I can. So I thank all of you who read the poems, like them and comment on them, it has allowed me to grow so much, and am looking forward to the future. 🙂


I didn’t notice you drying your eyes

Wiping your face and giving a smile

I didn’t notice the way you started to dress

As though it was always winter

Never wore less

Than long sleeves, full trousers

Im sorry I didn’t notice

I didn’t notice the scars

The bags under your eyes

I didn’t notice you weren’t you anymore

I didn’t notice the disguise


Its difficult when you find out someone is dealing with their problems with mental health and you didn’t notice it before , and you hate that you didn’t see the signs and it can be easy for you to blame yourself.


He held me so gently I didn’t feel his nails digging into my skin

He kissed me so softly I never noticed his hands constricting my body

He treated me so kindly I didn’t notice the strings moving

I didn’t see the puppet hands

I didn’t see my stitching start to coming undone

I thought I was moving on my own

until I tried and found myself tangled in ropes

He loved me so well I never saw the lies