Blood running down my face

My body in shock

My lip sliced into two

I now have three

But I do not feel the pain

I do not see the depths

Untill I do

A wave of agony, tears and mascara

But with a bit of glue

And taping it back into two

It will soon heal

And be just as good as new


My bottom lip got cut into two while dancing, not the best poem but just trying to tell the story

Your money, my time

You threw your money at me

Expected me to stay

It must have hurt when I threw it all away

When I said you didn’t love me

You showed me all my gifts

When I said you didn’t care

You said “I gave you all of this”

What can I say,

except for goodbye

You said I broke your heart

I think you broke mine

By putting a price on my love,

on my company, and time.


As if people have to pay for my time, and once paid for I don’t have a choice. Not only with romantic relationships but also with family, money has been used agaisnt me (and others) where they tell you, you can not leave or disagree because they have given you so much. Its very belittling, to feel like someones put a price on you.