Drowning in the sea

As I see how far you have gotten

I watch you sail into the sunset

You may come across another storm

But for now you are safe and warm

You may have a few scratches and leaks

But my god do you look beautiful

As you rock side to side

Stably over the waves



Drowning in the sea is a metaphor for crying so much as I see a dear friend be in a better condition and place in their life. The strength they must have had amazes me, and moves me. Heres to you, and everyone else that overcomes their life difficulties. There will always be another storm, but you did well sailing through this one 🙂 xx

stormy seas

I didn’t ask for these hardships

But I am glad I get to sail them

Because with every storm

Every wave

I become more brave

I learn new tricks

Not only for myself

But for all the other sailors at risk


If there is one thing that I always say, is that I am happy I have had to go through bad times because it allows me to be there for others who go through similar things. And this I will always stand by, and its something I always tell people when they come to me for help, is not to give up, because once you get through the storm, being able to help other people will brighten so many of your days, that its worth the pain of going through it.