I wasn’t ready for you

Like a bird that can’t yet fly

How could I teach you to


Drained of all my strength

Drained of life


Is how I was left

But I’m back

And I’m teaching myself how to fly

So one day you will too

And I’ll be soaring through the skies

Before I ever get to meet you

Because I need to go through the worst

To teach you to navigate a storm

And feel the best

So that you can always feel my warmth

But today was not the time

As I have yet to build a nest

But one day I hope I will feel your life against my chest

Taylor Hopewell

Love myself

I can’t love someone else

I’m not ready

Saw something saying otherwise

Saying that you learn to love yourself through others loving you


Others love me and I just don’t

Others see this beauty somewhere in me

That I just can’t find

And I am trying everyday

But I just can’t understand how the thought of me can make someone smile

Or how my presence could be wanted

I don’t understand it

I don’t understand how I have been the one to break peoples hearts

I do understand

Its because I can’t love them

But they can love me

Something that I can’t do either



I don’t want love

I just want to feel and see sparks

Like a faulty cable

Sparks flying between out lips and teeth

And intertwined tongues

I know I’ll end up getting electrocuted or burnt

But for now I will enjoy the fireworks

And the bonfire will come later

I want to have my heart forget its rhythm

Legs not know how to walk without wobbling

Stomach bubbling and fluttering

I will enjoy the blood rushing to my cheeks

I don’t give a fuck about the consequences

Light the firework

Plug in the cord

Let the sky be lit up

In lust

Not love


Your money, my time

You threw your money at me

Expected me to stay

It must have hurt when I threw it all away

When I said you didn’t love me

You showed me all my gifts

When I said you didn’t care

You said “I gave you all of this”

What can I say,

except for goodbye

You said I broke your heart

I think you broke mine

By putting a price on my love,

on my company, and time.


As if people have to pay for my time, and once paid for I don’t have a choice. Not only with romantic relationships but also with family, money has been used agaisnt me (and others) where they tell you, you can not leave or disagree because they have given you so much. Its very belittling, to feel like someones put a price on you.