Roses aren’t always red

But they are always beautiful

They always bloom

Times might be rough

But you will always get through

Keep yourself watered

In sunlight, a warm room

And I can promise you

You will bloom too


Don’t forget to admire the beauty in life and also the beauty in yourself. No matter how much you are tired, and feel like giving up, its never enough to just hope. Put yourself out there, look after yourself, and you will be the best version of yourself, the happiest and the strongest.

the spring

I wanted you near,

so I pushed you away.

I’m sorry for making you fear

our love fading away.

But I’m just trying to get you to spring back to me,

come closer than we’ve ever been…


I always say that with me, I distance myself at times because I believe we are connected almost like a spring, and you have to lose something to know how much you need it. So I distance myself, and then watch as once you let go of the spring it pulls and contracts even more, and we will be closer for a certain amount of time.