She has a sparkle in her eyes

Her cheeks rosy and glistening

She has full pink lips singing the words to their song

Screaming their favourite part

Black running down her face

Scratches on her head

Her heart aches

But it aches for him


Wish I could say this depicted me, but it doesn’t. That is why this is nearly completely about images, and colours instead of feelings. Maybe one day I could write this from a personal emotional perspective but I would have to go through it to write about it


It’s so important to love yourself but I forgot

I needed others to do what I could not

I wore my heart on my sleeves

Like bait in a trap

Waiting to hear the crack

and the sound of it closing down

But I didn’t realize that the bait would be ate

and they would take a bite, each time it striked


Especially when your young, its hard to love yourself when you have never been loved (romantically not family). So we loose ourselves, trying to get someone to love us, changing for them, trying to be someone we are not.