Blood running down my face

My body in shock

My lip sliced into two

I now have three

But I do not feel the pain

I do not see the depths

Untill I do

A wave of agony, tears and mascara

But with a bit of glue

And taping it back into two

It will soon heal

And be just as good as new


My bottom lip got cut into two while dancing, not the best poem but just trying to tell the story



Everyone is smiling, feeling great

There is hair filling up the small amounts of space

Bodies crashing into other bodies

Sweat transferring like fingerprints and falling like rain

And our voices, screams, shake the walls

This is what it feels like to live

and not just be alive.

But our bodies will feel heavy, but we will remember how they were light

Our ears will ring, but we will remember the music

Our heads will hurt, and we might not remember

all the faces

all the places

or everything we did

But we were there.

And we were living.


My friend, Erin, told me to write about our night out, so I did. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone in terms of writing, as it tends to be quite dark or twisted, but I enjoy this poem and the memories it brings