Fall or fly

And I fall sometimes

I fall

Or am I just flying

It feels like Im dying

Yet weightless

Every problem off my shoulder

Am I gliding? Surviving?

Or will I hit the ground in a crash

I never know how far down I’ll go

Before my wings open up again

But Im scared that one day they wont



You are invading my space


I’m not going to move from where I was sat

You approached me

So cheers to that

But I want you to stand

And take steps furher back

And you will.

Because you see the power in my pupils

The strength in my stance

And you know you couldn’t handle me

You wouldn’t even have a chance


Standing up for myself, especially in the case of drunk men or boys, is something that I will always applaud myself. You come to me, expect you to be the one who moves, because I made my bed, and you are not in it.

back of the bus

I hear you at the back of the bus

Staring eyes up my legs

I hear words describing my body

From my toes to my head

You talk about what you would do

But you dont see my music is paused

You are being quite creative

But I still wont applause

Your lack of balls

Compliment me to my face

But its alright of course,

You wouldn’t even get a taste


As a woman It can feel dehumanising when you hear people talking about your body and what they want to do. But there is still some empowerment I find in it, that something as simple as my body will be the centre of your attention, and conversation. Find it powerful how my body can turn their heads away from anything else to say.



I’m sorry for our fights

it isn’t right

to be angry with the woman who gave me life,

with the mother that made me who I am.

You taught me to be strong,

I try to show my strength in fights,

but it makes us both weaker,

we need each-other’s love to thrive.

Then, we wont have anything to fear,

because together you and I

are greater than ever

and all our problems will disappear


I wrote this obviously for my mum, who is the greatest woman alive, shes taught me how to stand up for myself, how to look after myself ….ect but because of this I stand up to her sometimes, and I wish we didnt, because the women in my family are so strong, and if we all got along always we could do so much good. And the days that we all are getting along are some of the best days in my life