I don’t even know what to think

Out of sight out of mind

Close the door out of line

Why did you say that

What the fuck that’s not nice

That’s not the way u treat guys

That’s a good joke

You’re joking right

Hahahaha wait is it a joke

Or was it what I just said

Am I wrong or is this in my head

I can’t take in all the things

What have I just read?

My thoughts as I go to bed

Just writting about how I feel

When a situation feels unreal

Is it what I felt or what I feel

Do I know this is my own skin

Or does it just feel like a different body I’m living in

Is it the drugs, the weed, the alcohol

That’s making me feel like I’m out of it all

Out of my mind

Im going insane

Feeling like a fucking video game

Feeling like I’ve got to control

Every little inch

Whack a mole

Whack me out

of this skitz life

Im thinking about

My trip

Colors intertwine

Sending shivers down my spine

But my body is twisting and shaping itself

Becoming part of this reality

Where colors shine

And plastic leaves grow and wind

And people leave trails of themselves in different lives

The floor isn’t solid or liquid

Its on a fine line

Where there is movement but stability

And the room breathes with me

Extending the walls which then collapse

And wooden beams break up the space

Into different worlds

And let me go there again

But just a little less, just in case.