Where do I go?

Everything is better…

or so it seems.

So why do you still haunt me in my dreams?

Why are you here…?

There was no invitation.

There is no motive.

there is no reason for this party.

So… what do I do now?

Where do I go?

Because it seems you’re always following me

down every little hole.


What are you asking?

Stop asking if Im oka

Stop asking if Im okay

With not enough time

To clear out my head

I have a few words to respond with

All of them mean Im Fine

But Im not ,but your not asking that

What are you asking?

Am I capable of tucking it away today?

Can you act okay for now?

For the two seconds your giving me to answer

If you asked that, when I could open up

maybe you would see now why Im keeping my mouth shut

I didn’t mean to

I didn’t mean to break your heart

I can still see the pain I caused

Im sorry

Everyone said I was a keeper

Its not your fault I ran away

I just hope that someone will make you happy again



Id much prefer my heart broken than to break someones. And its one of the things that hurts is that although I know I had to do it, I hurt someone… all I ever want to do it help people but someone got close and I ended up hurting them…


Tripping over reality

Or under it

And seeing the unseen

What we cannot observe through the naked eye

Not even with enhanced vision

Unlocking corners of our mind

Observing a collision

Between reality and something else

But what is the something else that remains unseen

And will there come a day where it can be


You can do this

One more night

Ignore the thoughts just for tonight

I can feel your attraction to the blade, to your nails, to the pain

And I’m asking you:

Can you wait one more day?

For you, your friends and family

For someone who will break if they see the fresh slits, bruises and blood

Im not asking, Im telling you

You are going to wait this one night out

And tommorow

You only have to do one thing…

Read this again



Fingertips on skin

Like faulty wires

Electric sparks

But beware for flammable items

For they can clearly catch alight

But sometimes they dont look flammable

And we mistake objectifying for dirty talk

Mistaking possessiveness for lust

And controlling for in love

Like a pool of gasoline

The wire is engulfed in flames

Not possible to escape with out burns

Burns on your heart

So the next connection you make

You may be the one to break

But I hope you atleast learnt to keep yourself safe

And keep the flammables away


A poem about toxic relationships, how the magic that love, caring, and sex has is wonderful but with bad people (flammable people) it becomes overwhelming and toxic.


She has a sparkle in her eyes

Her cheeks rosy and glistening

She has full pink lips singing the words to their song

Screaming their favourite part

Black running down her face

Scratches on her head

Her heart aches

But it aches for him


Wish I could say this depicted me, but it doesn’t. That is why this is nearly completely about images, and colours instead of feelings. Maybe one day I could write this from a personal emotional perspective but I would have to go through it to write about it

Fall or fly

And I fall sometimes

I fall

Or am I just flying

It feels like Im dying

Yet weightless

Every problem off my shoulder

Am I gliding? Surviving?

Or will I hit the ground in a crash

I never know how far down I’ll go

Before my wings open up again

But Im scared that one day they wont



Its difficult to have your scars visible most of the time… scary what people may think of them, judgements, disgust… but its my body now… I wish I could go back in time and tell myself what I was doing to myself… but I cant, so now I have to accept them, and love them… they tell my story, however dark that may be, im here standing, so its a happy ending hopefully