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My Outfit

There are so many things that remind others of me. Each person related to different objects , and lightings, and places. Like characters stuck in my head. Im scared of change

But only when others do it. I love picking up a new hobby, favourite artist or something to smoke.

I hate change, when people step out of their scene sets and change genre of what i know

I hate change when its my favourite actor in my favourite show

Ive been white feathers, and cigarettes for as long as I remember

Ive been wearing too little clothes in the early mornings of December

Ive been dirty jeans, and chopped up hair and the blank mindless stare

Maybe I don’t change

It takes me a while to change my clothes, I only just get used to who I am, and then back into the washing machine I suppose.

I get recycled… there’s only so many cyclical rounds my personality can do until its wearing those same jeans, and still the same hair cut too


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