You bleed red

So do I

We all bleed the same blood

Just at different times

And different quantities

With different genes and qualities

But it’s all red

We are part of each other when we wake up

We are brothers and sisters as we come into touch

So treat others wounds as if they were yours

As if there were your daughters or sons

Crying for help

Even if they don’t cry

It never hurts to hold someones hands

Help them cross the road of life


A little poem about how we should all have love for each other, we will fight, and there will be times where people annoy or upset you, but we are all connected by blood. We must love one another to get through tragedies, and to get through life

My trip

Colors intertwine

Sending shivers down my spine

But my body is twisting and shaping itself

Becoming part of this reality

Where colors shine

And plastic leaves grow and wind

And people leave trails of themselves in different lives

The floor isn’t solid or liquid

Its on a fine line

Where there is movement but stability

And the room breathes with me

Extending the walls which then collapse

And wooden beams break up the space

Into different worlds

And let me go there again

But just a little less, just in case.


Scared of myself

I’m scared of or for myself

Because I know confinement drowns me

And I can feel my lungs slowly filling

And I always rely on someones hand to pull me up

But we are in lockdown

The only hands are those of my family

And I have brought them under with me too many times

Nothing feels right

What am I supposed to do when I’m left alone with my mind?



There are too many memories

I cannot remember

And I don’t understand how I can ever understand myself

If even I don’t know my own life

I’m supposed to put together this jigsaw

But I’m missing all of these pieces

How do you expect me to know my own mind?

I know where the gaps are

I just don’t know how to fill them




Drifting reality

Space between us

Connections unfold

Now too long to hear your words

But our hearts are tied

We can’t hold hands but we stand side by side

With meters and miles between us

Holding on

Hoping for a reunion to come along

Distanced but awake

Scared but living each day

I have never felt this feeling before

Don’t want it, but for now it’ll stay