No te enamores de mi

No te enamores de mi

Te voy hacer daño

Mi mente no esta preparado

Nunca lo ha estado

Ni yo se lo que siento

Y siempre cambio de opinión

No te enamores de mi

No quiero romper tu corazón


Cuando sufres de problemas de tu salud mental, es muy difícil abrirte al amor, porque sabes que puedes hacer tanto daño debido a tus propios problemas. Y es algo muy difícil de superar porque aunque quieres abrirte y ser vulnerable, tienes que tener en cuenta que no quieres romper a otra persona debido al daño que otros te han hecho a ti.


I cant move out, it was a trap all along

Once you call it your home you never want to leave

You don’t want to pack up all your baggage

You won’t let yourself repaint all the walls

Trying to cover where you’ve picked and scratched it all off

I don’t want to leave this house because the windows keep me safe

They block out all the sunlight so I have the right lighting to write

The block out all the voices and the headaches

But they block them from the outside

Which is just what I need

And what I want

And what I’m used to now

So I wouldn’t have it any other way

I mean I can’t

But if i could I’d probably choose to keep it the same

Because you never want to move out of your home

I would never choose to be sane


Big Bad Wolf

I was always scared of the

Big Bad Wolf

Wondering maybe he is someone I know.

Maybe my eyesight just isn’t too good

and he is in his disguise,

keeping low.

Oh, what wonderful eyes you have

Your face is so pretty

your smile so enticing …

But what a surprise.

Once again caught in a web of lies

They told me he wasn’t real

but I saw him with my own



One of my biggest nightmares or fears to date is actually the big bad wolf, for some reason he is the character out of all the childrens stories that stuck to me. And this just brings to light this idea of the wolf being someone in disguise of course when he dresses up as the grandmother, but in the real world, as people who are deceitful and untrustworthy…. those who show you their true colours at the worst times. And I’ve witnessed way too many of those people


I reach out but when I open my hands are empty

All I can do is watch

and cry

as I feel it leave me

It almost looks like a bubble

or a fairy

and I felt it leave my fingertips

getting pushed by a wind

that isn’t there

An unseen, unheard, unfelt wind

It drifts further and further

and all I can do is watch

and wait

for it to come back


With every positive mindset I know it will be temporary, and when it leaves, it is as if I see it, its a moment of realization where I witness it float away from me and there is nothing i can do about it