Bonfire recipe (full version)

I tried to put all the pieces together

But they didn’t quite fit

Tried using duct tape and glue

Kept hammering nails into it

But all it did was damage the wood

Over and over again

And… I wish I could say they gave me the wrong tools

Or they gave me the wrong set and pieces

But somehow I just feel like it’s my fault

I’m just not the carpenter I thought I could be

So I’m sitting here in the rubble of disappointment

And wondering why I was never good enough to build it

And there is no more space for nails and bolts

And I have run out of duct tape

And I’ve got no more money or strength to go out and buy more

So I’m sitting here…

Burning thoughts in the flames

And pretending that I was constructing a bonfire all along

Because I was


Behind me

I’ve left it behind

but it still drags along

attached to my ankles by a chain.

I left it behind

but I’m not too strong

Its starting to drive me insane.

I thought it was gone

but I can feel its weight

making every step harder

with every step that I take.


“leave it” “forget about it” these sayings that people constantly throw don’t work for most people, as they haven’t processed it, or acknowledged something and therefore when they do this, they slowly feel it pulling them back because they never fully were able to let go.