One day

I’m no saint,

but for you I will fight,

because I wish to be the light

that guides you through the dark

Because my only wish is that you find your way

one day

Out of here , out of your mind, out of your fears

One day

One day I want you to feel free

As free as I do when I’m just being me

One day I want you to fly

Just like I can when I close my eyes

One day, it will happen

and that day, I’ll smile


Showing this idea of putting other people before yourself, especially when you have gone through the same thing already. And it makes you feel better when you know you have helped someone, I feel although I myself have accomplished something just because I helped them.

How to live

Smile, let the good moments sweep you away

If you want to cry, cry, but not for the whole day

Laugh like crazy, send the message to your brain

That right now… everything is okay

Because even if it isn’t it will be, I promise

Even if it feels like forever, it wont be, I promise

I promise to always try to make you giggle

And take your fears away

Because life is too short to waste it

Even just for one day