Big Bad Wolf

I was always scared of the

Big Bad Wolf

Wondering maybe he is someone I know.

Maybe my eyesight just isn’t too good

and he is in his disguise,

keeping low.

Oh, what wonderful eyes you have

Your face is so pretty

your smile so enticing …

But what a surprise.

Once again caught in a web of lies

They told me he wasn’t real

but I saw him with my own



One of my biggest nightmares or fears to date is actually the big bad wolf, for some reason he is the character out of all the childrens stories that stuck to me. And this just brings to light this idea of the wolf being someone in disguise of course when he dresses up as the grandmother, but in the real world, as people who are deceitful and untrustworthy…. those who show you their true colours at the worst times. And I’ve witnessed way too many of those people

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