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Love doesn’t come as easy when youre sober
They are all prettier when pissed

Watching them drink…
Like fish out of water
They lose the character that kept their shape
They see they the beauty I once did, opposite to now
The benefits in the speech impediments and dyspraxia
In the loss of memory
But I can only think of him when I kiss people
Im so glad I’ve stoped forgetting so much
Although I’m still kept awake by that grin
Im so glad I still make mistakes
Like letting the money man win
Im so glad I can remember it all
Im so fucking glad
His face, smell, body, hair…
Im so glad I have proved to myself I haven’t lost my stupidity while gaining my sobriety

But every lesson must be learnt
I’d go to jail if I didn’t need to be bad
I’d do crack if it wasn’t so addictive
I’d sell myself again if it didn’t break me
If it didn’t make me forget who I am
I cant stop thinking
Of the wrinkly money man

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