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They wanted me to.

Let me be your muse again
Let me buy you drinks again
Let me walk you home and to your bed
And then get in it… again.

I cant tell if I’m stuck or just finally realising what i want
Is it crazy to want you?
I feel like any one would
But please let it be me the one that wins

I’m going on such a whim here
But the way you smile at me
Please dont tell me you can smile like that with her
Because i cant

Even though its hurt to see you recently
It’s still been the stupid highlight of my day
And maybe ill just write this and keep it to myself
But what good does being in love and not showing it do
What good am i if i just run
Making the same decision that i regret more than anything
Leaving you
Saying goodbye
I cant fucking do that again
But i will if you want me to
But I dont want to

I think thats all i have to say…
I’m still in love with you?
And every time i see you i am that little bit more
That little bit more than even before

4 responses to “They wanted me to.”

  1. Wow Taylor

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A wow like no other, i am truly in awe of your words


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