A world so full of opinions

I forget what we are when we are holding hands
I forget the judgements that we can bring to ourselves
I forget that some people think this love is wrong

A world so full of opinions
But I only care about my own
Because no one else can feel this
But I hope they can see it

But I forget that some can’t look past what we are
And it scares me that there may be people who never will


Bring me flowers
To give life to what’s living
It’s not a promise
It’s just a little thing

One flower

Bring one flower
A rose, a daisy, a leaf

Bring something
Bring anything

Just to show me that you care
Or just come, please
I want you to be there
Or don’t

But just send me a message
Just saying goodnight

I don’t want to lose you
And I’m scared that I might


Nothing feels right
without you

Without you in sight
nothing feels right

Nothing makes me laugh
Nothing makes me cry
Nothing makes me remember
When you were by my side

Everything is nothing when I’m alone
Yet nothing can be everything when I get home

Don’t write

I tell myself not to write
Because I five too deep
But then, I fall
Into a world to easy to keep

Of tinder dates that fall in love or to never been seen again
Of short 6 second videos that teach me nothing or bring up pain

I tell myself not the start writing because I’ll be depressed again.

But how bad can life be
Sat here listening to quiet tv
And chatter
In one room and quiet resource
Evelyn Stein in this room

With the sound of rain falling into the deck
And the song has now changed

to the Hymn of the sea by James Korner

And now I feel like although I don’t believe in god,
maybe a Spotify one exists.

He knows who I am better than you do
She knows what I need more that you do
They know more about me than you could ever do.

Because I am nothing but my habits,
I am nothing but my thoughts and my soul,
I am nothing but todays playlist,
I am nothing but todays goal.
My plans are already made
How I wish I could just fade
Into bed with you at night

But sleeping next to you is too hard
Hard for me to want to sleep
When you’re right next to me
Because there aren’t enough minutes in a day
To look at you
To listen
To hold

But waking up to you is too promising
Promises of a good day
Or a shit day
But a shit day with you…
is a good one
Because atleast I can
Look at you

So I won’t sleep alone instead
I’ll have great and shit days alone

Ill be dreaming through it all

I let her

Why did I let her?
Let her in
Why did I let her cook?
Why did I let her speak?
Why did I let her let me kiss her?
Let her in
I keep telling myself not to
But I have
I keep telling myself to keep distance
But it’s the last thing I want
Let her in
Or she’ll let me
But I’m the one whose leaving
I cant let her
So I will